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Brown Bangle

Material:- Druzy natural stone - Aluminium wire - Non tarnish brass wire

Trio Rainbow

Material:- Druzy stone dyed - Non tarnish silver wire - Mix faceted beads

The Forrest

Material:- Druzy stone dyed - Mix faceted beads - Aluminium wire - Non tarnish brass wire

Custom Red Brooch

Material:- Coral stone - Non tarnish brass wire

Hair Pin

Material:- Mix gems

Rainbow Bangle

Material:- Dyed chalk stone - Copper wire

Batik Series

For The Bride

This bridal set, made from:- swarovski crystal - fresh water pearl - non tarnish silver wire

Lavender Set

Material:- Amethyst stone - Agate stone - Druzy stone - Non tarnish silver wire

Chunky Necklace

Material:- Mix carved stone - Non tarnish brass wire


My two costomer send me an email of their MonicManik collection.So happy to know that they really appreciatemy handmade jewelry. Thank you so much Ladeis :) I LOVE YOU

Red Vintage

material:- coral stone - smokey quartz stone - non tarnish gun metal wire