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Showing posts from February, 2014

Look!!! Dragonfly!!!

material: dyed druzy, mookaite, coral, agate, olive jade, prehnite, fluorite, amethyst, non tarnish wire

Flower in Your Hand

Material: Amethyst,  rose quartz, prehnite, citrine, ametrine, peridot, coral, olive jadu, mookaite, carved stone, non tarnish wire, miyuki beads, aluminium wire

Coral and Druzy

Material: Coral, embellishment metal. metal chain, ceramic beads

Material: Dyed druzy, embellishment metal, metal chain, ceramic beads, dyed agate

Flower.... in the Garden

Material: carved stone, mix gems


Material: dyed agate, aluminium wire, wayang ornament

The Zoo is Back.....

Material: Carved stone, olive jade, tger eye, coral, mookite, black rutilited, jasper, aluminium wire and chain