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Black Beauty....


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Did you know that carnelian is called the actor's stone?

Carnelian is an agate class of chalcedony that is a stone of creativity, individuality and courage. Like all agates, it has protection energies. It can aid memory, including recall of past lives. It can assist one in finding the right mate. It is also a stone of protection in general and from anger, jealousy and fear. In addition it can help with manifestation of one's desires, and brings good luck. Carnelian can help ease or remove sorrows. It also helps stabilize energies in the home. It is sometimes called the "actor's stone". Carnelian is associated with the root and sacral chakras. Physically, carnelian has been used in crystal healing to heal open sores, rejuvenate tissues and cells, rheumatism, kidney stones and other kidney problems, gall stones, colds, pollen allergies, and neuralgia. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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Magic Stick for Ur Hair :p

- aluminium wire
- swarovski crystal
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