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#latepost Tourmaline

material: Tourmaline, rose quartz

#latepost Duta Mall, Banjarmasin

#latepost Mutu Manikam 2014, Balai Kartini Expo, Jakarta

#latepost SIJF 2014, Shang Ri La Surabaya

#latepost at Galeria Mall Bali

#latepost at JTV Madiun

#latepost Classof 2014

#latepost Remarkable Indonesia

#latepost Mix Brooch 2014

#latepost Mix Rings 2014

#latepost Mix Bangle Bracelet 2014

#latepost Mix Necklace 2014

#latepost CISMEF 2014


Sorry for long hiatus :) busy like always, creating, traveling for work or inspiration, do this do that, forget about this blog *sigh*
One of my resolution for 2015 is..... try to update everytime, not just through Instagram :p
I swear, before first week of January ended, I will posting Monic Manik activity and produtcs at late 2014, A LOT!
2014 is awesome! and I'm ready for 2015!